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Co-operative Feed Dealers, Inc.

Co-operative Feed Dealers, Inc. - CFD - is a wholesale distributor of boots from Dryshod® Waterproof Footwear as well as a range of Pet, Garden, Farm, Livestock and Agriculture supplies.

Established in 1935, CFD distributes to retailers and feed mills in the Northeastern United States with a focus on good people, quality service, constant improvement and growth.

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Our main public web site and dealer portal is at

Dryshod Waterproof Footwear

CertiFeeD® is our line of Livestock Milk Replacer, Feed Mixes and Ingredients

Aspen Song® Wild Bird Food is manufactured exclusively for CFD

FSMA and Animal Feed Safety Information

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380 Broome Corporate Pkwy
PO Box 670
Conklin, New York 13748

telephone: (800) 333 - 0895
facsimile: (607) 651 - 9363
commodities: (866) 515 - 8365